This 90-Year-Old Man Rescued His Wheelchair-Bound Wife From a House Fire …Whoa!



In Asheboro, North California, lightning struck a transformer, putting a house on fire. The house was owned by 90-year-old Arthur Schneider and his 89-year-old wife, Rosemary Schneider, who is already bound to a wheelchair due to Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Since Rosemary’s health deteriorated, Arthur took care of her. He does everything except for feeding her.

After the lightning struck, the lights went off. Apparently, the electricity blew out inside. The hallways were then filled with smoke, and the kitchen immediately went black. All the alarms were already buzzing.

During the incident, Arthur braved the fire and rescued his wife of seventy years. He pushed Rosemary’s wheelchair through the burning house and out to the front porch. Because there were steps outside, he had to stop. He thought he could no longer take the wheelchair any further.

Considering Arthur’s age, he was able to jump into action. He dropped his cane behind and ran to the house of his neighbor, which has the distance equal to the length of a football field. What he did was a miracle.

The neighbor immediately ran and helped pull Rosemary’s wheelchair off the porch until finally, the firemen arrived.

Arthur had no idea how he managed to run that fast or that far. He said, “I guess God gives us a little strength when we need it.” He didn’t even consider his actions heroic.

Because the home was severely damaged, the couple is now living with their daughter Bernadette. She said, “There’s no way they’ll live without each other.”

Arthur and Rosemary already have nine children, twenty-one grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

When lightning struck the street transformer, 90-year-old Arthur leapt into action just like a real superhero.

90-year-old Arthur Schneider leapt into action like a real-life superhero when lightning struck the street transformer to his home in North Carolina. Arthur's only concern was his wife, Rosemary, who has Parkinson’s disease and dementia. She was in the back of the house in her wheelchair. "I had to go back and get her," he said. "She’s part of me."

He said, “I had to go back and get her. She’s part of me.”

When the lightning struck, the electricity blew out inside the house. Smoke filled the hallways. The kitchen went black. The alarms were buzzing.

Because he was unable to see anything in front of him, he just protected his eyes from the smoke and did his best to guide Rosemary through the house.

Unable to see anything in front of him, Arthur shielded his eyes from the smoke and guided Rosemary's wheelchair through the house and out onto the front porch. What he did next is nothing short of miraculous.

When he reached the porch, he dropped his cane and ran to his neighbor’s house. It was his neighbor who helped carry Rosemary’s wheelchair off the porch.

Arthur left his cane behind and took off running to his neighbor's house -- the distance of the length of a football field. The neighbor helped pull Rosemary's wheelchair off the porch, and the fire department arrived at the scene.


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