The Future of Retirement Homes? See How Kids and the Elderly Make a Great Team!

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Nursing homes are not exactly the most pleasant place to be. You hear the news of mistreatment, mismanagement, and mishandling of patients at various homes around the country. If you combine all the stuff from media coverage, you can’t be blamed for having a negative connotation of these care homes.

In the next 25 years, there will be more Americans retiring, and it’s no wonder they’re worried about their retirement and ending up in a home.

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But what if you heard of a place where the retired and the youth come together, and they bring happiness into each other’s lives? This place would let the elderly leave their empty houses and help mold young minds. It would also change how we see nursing homes and the elderly.

This place does exist in Seattle. It’s changing the way we look at nursing homes and educating children for the better.

This place combines preschool and a nursing home. It’s a brilliant idea that needs to happen on a larger scale. If all nursing homes were like this, it would change the world to be a happier  place.

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