This Couple is Celebrating 70 Years Together! That’s Truly Amazing!

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Having a relationship that will last a lifetime is something that’s very hard to achieve. Growing old with the one you love is something that only happens in movies. However, this 98-year-old couple is set to prove to everyone that everlasting love isn’t something you only read in books.


Wang Deyi and Cao Yuehua from China are an elderly couple who decided to go back to the place where they exchanged their vows and celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary by reliving those memories.


They also got help in finding the exact same suit for the groom, large bouquet of flowers, and wedding dress, just like on their wedding day, from their four children.




The couple met each other at a student ball held in Yunnan, which was the shelter for numerous Chinese evacuees during World War II in 1943.


But the pair had to part ways for a while, when Cao got enlisted as a translator. Cao had to travel to India and Myanmar because that was where he was needed, while Wang remained in China.




After two years of serving in the war, Cao finally returned in 1945. At the exact same year, the couple said their I dos, and ever since, they have been inseparable.


Since the couple wanted to commemorate the most momentous event in their lives, they decided to return to the park where they got wed.


Sixty-year-old Cao Pangpei, the couple’s youngest son, said, “They’ve lived through tough times, but they never stopped loving each other. We want to help them preserve their memories of the love they’ve shared.




According to the groom, Cao, “Couples should care for each other. I’m always thinking about her, and she’s always thinking about me”—and this, they say, is the secret for to a long-lasting and happy marriage.

The cutest thing that happened, though, was when Wang asked Cao, “When we reach 100, we’ll come back here again, right?”


Cao and Wang have proven that people can indeed grow old loving each other, that they can stand the test of time. If they can do it, then there’s no reason that you can’t, right?



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