Eli was Born with No Nose …See the Miraculous Work That is Transforming Him

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For Eli Thompson, the misfortune of being born without a nose was not going to beat him or his family.  The odds of even having this condition are highly astronomical as only 47 other cases have ever been reported.

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Doctors told the mother, Brandi, that her baby was unfortunately the one in 197 million born who acquired a very rare disease. The sweet angel was born with no nasal passages or sinus cavities which obviously shocked her family but they were still thankful she was alive.

Everything was normal as far as McGlathery was concerned before her son was born in Foley, Alabama.But on March 4, 2015, Eli Thompson came into the world with one major problem staring his mother in the face.Eli had no nose.

Eli’s condition, known as congenital arhinia, is extremely rare based on the findings of National Institutes of Health.

The condition is known ascongenital arhinia, and is extremely rare with only about 47 cases being reported so far, according to the National Institutes of Health.Doctors had no idea what to do, and immediately took Eli to a hospital an hour away, and out of the arms of his mother.

Like the doctors, Brandi wasn’t sure if baby Eli would survive or not. She wrote on her page, “That entire night, I was scared, alone, and confused. I called every 15 minutes to ask if my child was still alive.”

McGlathery was as clueless as the doctors, and wasn't even sure if her baby would live or die."That entire night, I was scared, alone, & confused," she wrote on her GoFundMe page. "I called every 15 minutes to ask if my child was still alive."

Based on the doctor’s analysis, the main problem centered around the act of eating. Meaning, that Eli wouldn’t be able to breathe and eat at the same time. For him to survive, he underwent a surgery known as tracheostomy, where a hole is made in the windpipe to allow him to breathe. It was a first step, but everyone knew unfortunately, would not be the last.

Doctors quickly realized the main problem: Eli wouldn't be able to eat and breathe at the same time. Therefore, he underwent atracheostomy where an opening is made in the windpipe to allow breathing. Unfortunately, that surgery wouldn't be even close to the last.

Brandi shared that baby Eli spent more than a week in the neonatal intensive-care unit and had to return every now and then because of his condition. She also shared that he had to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries annually till he reaches puberty.

Eli spent weeks in the neonatal intensive-care unit, his mother said, and had to return multiple times due to his condition. But he proved that no nose wasn't going to bring him down.

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