Eminem Saw This Fan’s Prosthetics Collection …And Made Him Happy!

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At some point in your life, you’ve probably have idolized someone. May it be a boy band, a pop icon, or a movie star, there’s nothing wrong with it. Who doesn’t have a role model in life, right?

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Teejay Stainer is an avid fan of the famous rapper Eminem. This kid is an amputee, but despite his handicap, he remains a happy little boy from Andover, England.

Teejay has several right leg prosthetics that are all adorned with his all-time favorite rapper’s face and other Eminem-related symbols. It has always been Teejay’s wish that Eminem would be able to see his collection of prosthetics. The decorations were, after all, inspired by the rapper.

Although the famous rapper looks tough and his lyrics are sometimes explicit, Eminem has always respected his fans, and this time was no different.

The little boy’s wish came true when Eminem made sure to send a little something to his biggest little fan. Teejay received a personally autographed copy of his idol’s album Recovery.

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