3 Sisters All Diagnosed with Cancer …See The Epic Trials They Battle


Sisters always seem to have a special bond with each other, whether it be the best of times or the worst. For sisters Katie Warrant, Kristal Ford-Spencer, and Cassie Ford, they never knew how much that bond would be tested when they were faced with what could be the biggest trial of their lives.

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After celebrating their mother’s 20 years of being ovarian cancer–free, Katie found out that she had colorectal cancer.

“Any time I would eat anything heavy, I would have stomach aches and bloating; and then in December, I was having more pain, so I started to really explore what was wrong,” she said. Katie eventually underwent an invasive surgery to remove her bowel and a total of six months’ worth of chemotherapy only to be crushed again when the cancer spread to her back and small intestine.

But what could be distressing to Katie’s own body was shared by her own sister Kristal. Kristal felt a lump in her body and needed to have it checked for malignancy. She was shattered when the doctor told her that she was to schedule another appointment in 24 hours.

The family’s worst fears were confirmed when Kristal was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Ironically, the announcement came during the date of Katie’s surgery in December 2014.

The diagnosis caused alarm that the doctor prompted sister Cassie to do a breast exam too.

A lump was found on Cassie’s left breast after she underwent an exam. She took an ultrasound after her menstrual cycle to reduce any chances of a false diagnosis.

The results that came afterward was both shocking and heartbreaking.

“I ended up going in for an ultrasound, and when the lady put the probe where the lump was, her face dropped . . . this was just five weeks after Katie’s recurrence. It wasn’t as serious as Kristal, but I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.”


Katie learned of the news while she lay in the ICU after recovering from her surgery. Her blood pressure rose because it wasn’t the best time to learn something so tragic. The sisters stuck together anyway, going through treatments together.

The chemotherapy caused them to lose their hair in the process, but despite this, the sisters made the most of the situation by finding strength with each other.

“Cancer can be so isolating, but I never felt alone . . . if I had a bad day, I had two people who knew exactly what I was going through,” Cassie said.

The biggest trial had to be dealing with their own health issues as well as that of each other. Kristal and Cassie are now seemingly out of the woods, but Katie has to overcome yet another trial when her cancer reoccurred.

She now waits to schedule another surgery.

But despite the hardship that life has consistently thrown at them, they continue to live with happiness and strength. “There’s always somebody worse off, and we are so lucky to have amazing support from our husbands and Katie’s husband, Dale, has shown such a strength for her,” Cassie said of her sister.

Just like them, the sisters want the world to find inspiration and light even in the darkest moments. They remind us that we have to make the most out of grim situations.

They were recently rewarded a special vacation and a GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for Katie’s husband, Dale, and their daughter Abby.

Katie has these touching words to say to us:

This kind of thing can happen, clearly, so make the most of every day, and if something doesn’t feel right, get a second opinion because it’s your life. Trust yourself and take care of yourself.”

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