6-Year-Old Boy Sings A Heartwarming Lullaby To His Newborn Baby Brother


Having a younger sibling is like a shortcut to a rite of passage that allows you to be treated more maturely, no matter what age you are. Whether your parents had your baby sibling when you were three or thirteen, being the older kid guarantees that you will have more responsibilities — after all, you’re not the baby of the family any more.

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Of course, it’s not a smooth-sailing sea. There are times when, as an older sib, you feel all love toward the younger person, but there are also times when you wish that you don’t have to look after them for most your life – not that you can avoid that either. Older sibling instincts pretty much work a lot like a mother’s, except that there’s the love-hate thing about it.


Being an older sibling is a whole different plane, but one thing’s for sure, you’re going to love your sibling, no matter what. Take a look at the video below, the six-year-old boy holding his baby sister already had his older-sibling instinct kicking in, and he could barely take care of himself yet.

Very carefully, he holds the fragile baby in his lap and sings a sweet lullaby to the little guy. He’s going to be a good older brother one day.

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