All Adult Wedding – Is It a Good Idea?

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful. Aside from making sure all things are in order, couples must make a decision, like the question, Should we invite kids too?

Newlywed couple and their friends

Couples, especially those who are budget-conscious, will think that letting kids come means more mouths to feed or a higher wedding bill. And those who are planning an extravagant affair, well, kids around expensive crystals is never a good idea. Also, some adults would just want to be among themselves. But is it really all right to say to your friends and family that they can’t bring their kids?

 In her essay “I Have Kids and I Think It’s Selfish to Have an Adult-Only Wedding” for YourTango, Chaunie Brunie got a lot of people talking about the issue. She pointed out the constant summer weddings just means couples with kids will hire lots and lots of babysitters.


She states that for couples with kids to attend a wedding ceremony and reception, they have to shell out $100 on babysitters plus they also have to buy wedding gifts. It is a really expensive for couples who are trying to budget their money.

She also explained in an interview with that she was not trying to start a wedding war. She just wants couples to be considerate of their guests who are parents.



A wedding expert said that she understands why couples might choose an adult-only wedding, but she reminds that kids are sometimes the life of a party.

Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of wedding website Loverly, said that kids makes any celebration much more special. “They’re the unjaded ones who can still see magic in the world, and they’ll appreciate being there even more than some guests would.” But at the end the day, it’s the couple’s decision.

But the CEO reminds guests that if the invitation doesn’t expressly include children’s names, it is not appropriate to ask the couple to make exceptions.

Here’s a discussion about the issue.

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