Father and Son Wrestle Each Other …You Won’t Believe Who Wins!

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One of the most challenging jobs a person can ever get is being a parent. Bearing a child comes with the responsibility to raise him well and teach him the right thing to do to survive this cruel world. But being a father and a mother isn’t just about the obligation you have to fulfill. Being a parent means you’ll be a witness to the dorkiest moments of a child as they grow.

People often say that dealing with your own children brings out the hidden child in you too. Because you have to keep up with all the crazy stuff they do, you have to let out all those crazy plans you’re keeping too. And as you play with them, you’ll remember all those times when you spent all day playing and nothing else mattered to you but to win those games.
You don’t have to deny it. As parents, we get carried away sometimes when you play with your child. Or it might be the other way around—your child gets carried away and they forget you’re the parent. What’s important is that both of you are enjoying the moment together.
Take this father-and-son duo as an example. They found a unique but fun way to spend their leisure time—reenact their favorite wrestling stunts, playing against each other. 
In the video, the boy is seen smacking down his father, innocently ignoring the fact that his dad obviously has physical advantage. It looks like he wants to prove that it’s not about the size.The pair show that there are more ways than one to make the most out of every second you have with your family. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the game you come up with may be, as long as you’re together, it’s all good.



Take a look at this father vs. son wrestling match. Who do you think was the winner?



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