He Was Just Unwrapping a Gift …But What Happened Next Made This Deaf Man Tear Up


We often hear stories about guys popping the big question to their girlfriends and them saying yes to it with tears welling up in their eyes. Then the next thing you see when you open Facebook are their photos enjoying a honeymoon in Maldives or wherever. Sure, it’s some good news and just the kind of story you want to hear to start your day right. But these kinds of stories don’t last long. You know what does? Pregnancy announcements.

No matter how an expectant mom breaks the news to her family, it’s always heartwarming. But this story is different. It will not just warm your heart, it will make you shed a tear.

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This touching pregnancy engagement video was posted recently in the video-sharing site YouTube, and as expected, it melted the viewers’ heart. It’s about a deaf man receiving the news of his life—he’s going to be a father.

It started with the clueless dad unwrapping a present. Every stuff he got inside the bag was a piece of clue of the big surprise that is about to make him cry.

The first was a Baby Ruth bar.

The next clue he fished out from the gift bag was a Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer. He then started having suspicions about what’s in the bag.

The last thing he got was a pregnancy test. When he saw the lines, he then asked his wife, “You’re pregnant?” He started to tear up. He was even still shaking while holding the pregnancy test.

Check out the video below and be the next person to cry over this dad-to-be’s priceless reaction.



Here’s the full video of the announcement:



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