Heartwarming Moment Gay Couple Breaks Down in Tears as They Meet Their Son for the First Time


Born during World Pride, Baby Milo was the icing on the cake for his parents. Two first-time fathers were overwhelmed during that emotional day. BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson broke down in tears when they welcomed their son into the world. Canadian photographer Lindsay Foster captured their first moments together as a family.

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Milo was delivered by a gestational carrier on July 26. The gay couple were very involved and well-prepared for the birth. The photographer spent many hours with the fathers as they awaited the arrival of their son.



During the birth, the fathers were shirtless because they believe that the skin-to-skin contact is important for newborns.

So far, Mr. Barone and Mr. Nelson are loving parenthood. They are thrilled to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Their photo was posted on Ms. Foster’s Facebook page. It received all sorts of comments—negative and positive. The couple’s message is that love has no gender and it’s enough that their son is surrounded by unconditional love.

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