Husband Had a Vasectomy but Learns Wife Is Pregnant, What He Does Next Will Warm Your Heart


Feeling happy and contented with his small family of five, Tim Brummel decided to have a vasectomy after the birth of his third child. Just when he thought things were going as planned, Tim discovered something that made him realize fate had written a different story for them.

Tim started noticing that his wife, Rachel, was often tired, always looking for something to eat, and had mood swings he couldn’t keep up with—the exact kind of behavior she only showed when she was pregnant with their kids.

As he already had a vasectomy, Tim disregarded the possibility of his wife being pregnant again—until he realized they never visited the doctor again for the followup results of the procedure.

Tim didn’t want to tell his wife of his hunch, so he sought another way to confirm it. He disabled their toilet at home so she couldn’t flush and tested her pee when he finally got the chance. Turned out, he was right—they were having another child.

In a very uncommon situation, this time, it’s Tim, the husband, who was going to tell his wife that she was an expectant mom. Taking it as a very rare and precious moment, Tim made a video out of that special day—a clip that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

In the video of the moment the devoted husband surprises wife, Rachel is shown coming home to a wonder she isn’t sure what for. But as she spots the note that says, “To my Baby Mama, if you ever worries that life would be a bore, put that fear aside, you are now a mommy of four,” she is left in utter disbelief and inexplicable happiness.

Aside from Tim and Rachel’s story being probably one of the rarest moments where the husband finds out about the pregnancy before the wife even does, it serves as a reminder for couples out there to always go for a followup after getting the same procedure.

Watch the heart-tugging moment this loving husband surprises wife in the video below and be prepared to go awww.


Watch the video below