Chinese Millionaire Works as Street Cleaner to Set a Good Example for Her Children


If you’re a multimillionaire, you would probably just stay home and watch your dozens of employees do everything on your behalf, but Yu Youzhen, a Chinese real estate mogul, wakes up at dawn six times a week to sweep more than one mile of a roadway. And the sole reason she does this is to set a good example to her children.

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Despite the great fortune she earned through years of hard work, Yu chose to clean the streets since 1998.


She never wanted to be the model of idleness, so she chose this kind of job to prove something to her kids.


Yu has around 17 properties that amount to more than $1.5 million, but she has spent 17 years of her life as part of the Wuchang District Chengguan Bureau Cleaning Team.


Yu believes that laziness is the root cause of all bad habits, so she wants to show that if you’re doing something that keeps you busy, you learn how to focus on what’s truly important.


Her two children already have their own jobs with good salary, but Yu has once expressed her desire to relinquish her properties to the government if ever both of them would stop working.


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