Tattoo Artist Allows 4-Year-Old Daughter to Tattoo Him …See How This Turns Out!

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After letting his 4-year-old daughter give him some ink, a tattoo artist has been getting mixed comments from people on line.


Brad Bellemo owns a tattoo shop in Florida. Most of the time, he brings his daughter Chloe to work. However, for the past six months, she has been asking her dad whether he could give him a tattoo.


Brad told Yahoo! Parenting, “Some of my friends have 6-year-olds who I would not let near a tattoo machine. But my daughter has been exposed to this for a long time, so she understands what it is. She knows it’s a needle, she’s seen me tattoo. It’s not a bloody process; I have a clean, light hand, so it has never scared her.”

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