Dressed Up as a Cow, Teen Begs Strangers to Ride Her in Exchange for Money to Help Sick Dad


Fifteen-year-old Hao Dongdong has been the subject of controversy when she took on the streets wearing a cow mask to raise money for her disabled father. The teen from China’s Anhui province not only wears the cow mask, she also lets people ride her, all for 77 cents.

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Officials had initially labeled her act as fraud, but as photographs have surfaced, it seems like her condition is pretty much real. Dongdong has told reporters that she wants to make more or less $800 to send her brothers and sisters to school. She can’t apply for a proper job as she currently holds no IDs.


Dongdong’s 54-year-old father, Hao Xinli, worked as a farmer until a back injury prompted the family to move to the city so they could set up a small shop.


He got the injury after he got into an altercation with a sales staff over a mobile store’s freebies. The damage on his body caused him to be permanently paralyzed.


Xinli’s wife abandoned her family around June 2015, leaving them to fend for themselves. She has not been back ever since.


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