Woman Estranged from Father for 30 Years Reunites with Him After Googling Herself


When April Becker Antoniou was still a kid, she knew nothing about her father, how he looked like or where he was. All that she was told was that her mom took her away after she and her husband got into fight. Since then, she never heard her talk about him again. As expected of any grown-up teen caught in the same situation, April would often blame her parents for why she had to live with a broken family. But later on, she learned to forgive them.

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It took April more than 15 years to fully understand the choice her parents made. So when she was old enough, she started looking for her dad, Scott Robert Becker. She turned to Google and typed her father’s name on the search engine, but none of the results proved helpful.

But in 2009, things took an unexpected turn when April happened to type the phrase that would lead her to her father: “Scott Robert Becker looking for April”.

The first search result April saw led her to the site aprilbecker.com—a Web page made especially and entirely dedicated to her. The man behind it? Her estranged father.

When she got on the site, she saw a short message her father wrote. It read,

Dear April,

When you read this, please send an email to:         april@aprilbecker.com

Im your Dad and I would really like to talk to ya. When I get your email, I will ask you

a couple of questions that only you would know so I can filter out the crazies out there.

By the way, You have a lil sister that REALLY wants to talk to you 🙂



Scott Robert Becker

April did just as what the message wanted her to do, and from there, walked the path toward the much wanted family reunion.

Scott shared that he too has been desperately looking for her daughter for many years. He even hired two private detectives, whom he paid $40,000, but to no avail. So he decided to make a Web site with her name on it. Though it took April more than a decade to find it, Scott is still happy that what he did gave him the result  he needed.

April welcomed his father to her family, and Scott finally got to see his grandchildren.

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