Helps her Military Dog's Life

Female Solider Heroically Saves Her Military Dog’s Life

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Military dogs have been known to rescue soldiers and military personnel both in the line of fire and outside the battlefield. It is also not an an uncommon story that soldiers eventually take military dogs home with them after serving during the war.

However, Vidal the military dog’s story is quite different.

Dog in need

Vidal is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois dog that worked in the military as a hunting dog. He worked side by side with Army medic Angie McDonnell for two tours of duty while being stationed at Camp Baston in Helmand, South Afghanistan. The two immediately bonded.

Angie McDonnell and Belgian Illinois

Angie and Doggie



During the tours, he saved the lives of his comrades numerous times along with the discovery of a huge cache of Taliban weapons.

Shortly after retiring as a bomb hunting dog, Vidal began to develop symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. His eyesight began to fail and he became increasingly timid.

This alone was the reason that placed Vidal on the list to be put down.

After hearing of what would befall her best friend, McDonnell was able to track down Vidal down in a training facility in Germany. She immediately contacted them and made arrangements to adopt the hero dog.



Today, Vidal is now healing from his traumatic wounds of duty and now lives with Angie in Barry, South Wales as one happy dog.
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