Watch This Brave Firefighter Save a Suicidal Woman from Jumping to Her Death

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A kick was all it took to save a suicidal woman from literally jumping to her death in a building in Fortaleza, Brazil. A courageous Brazilian firefighter came to the rescue of a distressed woman who was contemplating suicide by jumping from the window ledge of her own apartment located on the tenth floor of a building in the said town of Brazil.

The woman was observed by passersby to be standing on the window ledge before sitting down and dangling her legs. The onlookers watched from below, and some of them called for the authorities so they could rescue the woman before anything unfortunate could happen.

When the firefighters arrived, one of them got into the building and climbed up to a floor above her. He exited a window wearing a safety harness and slowly abseiled down the building toward her; he was doing so discreetly so he wouldn’t catch her attention. The lady, unaware of what was happening above her, clasped her hands together as if she was saying a prayer before she would take the final leap.

It was at that moment that the firefighter’s instincts kicked in, and he leaped into action and quickly rappelled toward her. Once he got to her level, he pushed back away from the building and swung himself toward her, kicking her in the chest with both feet. The impact of the kick propelled her back inside of her apartment. The woman, who was taken by surprise at what happened, literally fell head over heels and back into her apartment, disappearing from the view of the onlookers, who were cheering the firefighter’s brave and heroic deed. In a video taken of the event, it ends with the woman safely inside her apartment and the firefighter guarding the window to dissuade any further attempts.


Watch the video below to see how the firefighter’s heroic moves saved the life of the woman.


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