Firefighters Rescue Six-Year-Old Girl Trapped on a Ledge

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Because she was bored, left alone at home by her working parents, a six-year-old girl from East China city of Jiaxing was playing around when she got herself stuck at a second-floor outdoor window. Her feet were dangling, and in the video below, she seemed to be waiting for someone to get her off there.

six-year-old girl from East China city of Jiaxing

She was seen by a pedestrian who called for a rescue, and a team responded to the scene. The rescue could not be done straightforward, because the girl was next to the exterior of an air conditioner, an area too narrow using a ladder would not be feasible.

Firefighters Rescue Six-Year-Old Girl



Firefighters Rescue Six-Year-Old Girl

So, a firefighter, supported by a harness, made his way to where the little girl was sitting, using a crane to save her. He slowly climbed up and made sure that he positioned himself close enough for the toddler to reach him.

Firefighters Rescue Six-Year-Old Girl

When the man got nearer, he reached his arms, and the kid jumped at him, using her hands to hold at her rescuer’s shoulders. In the end, the six-year-old was successfully saved.

Firefighters RescuedSix-Year-Old Girl

Everyone in the scene was relieved that the toddler was safe. And, perhaps everyone got the message she wanted to convey, too—she doesn’t want to be left home alone again.



Watch the video below:

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