Food for Peace: Restaurant Aims to Unite Israel and Palestine Through Love of Hummus

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Since the beginning of time, humans have always engaged in war or disputes of some fashion. Sometimes its for power and legacy, while other times its about resources and money.

Regardless of the reasons, conflict has been a part of every culture that has in one way or another affected nearly every living thing on the planet. The ever present conflict and the violence between Palestine and Israel is no exception.

Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the two countries have been divided by religion, politics, and war. While the calendar says its 2015, the divides between the two nations show no sign of abating .

The reasons behind the fighting is a topic far too complicated for us to tackle here, but suffice to say its very deep rooted and have left wounds both physically and emotionally on both sides.

Amidst all the bombings and violence. Amidst all the death and grief, only two things are for certain: both sides have suffered and secondly, something needs to change.

Enter “The Humus Bar.” By using Jews and Arabs’ common love for food, one amazing restaurant in Israel is attempting to end the suffering and hatred in its own small way.



In Kfar Vitkin, Israel, The Humus Bar (all known as “Hummus Bar”) stated that it will extend a 50 percent discount towards every meal where Jews and Arabs break bread together in the restaurant. According to The Times of Israel report, Manager Kobi Tzafrir said that by the post-lunch rush on Monday, Hummus Bar had already served several tables with both Arabs and Jews, a trend that’s been consistent since the ad went up on Facebook on October 13. He said the idea’s been well received by Arabs and Jews alike, as well as people online from as far afield as Japan who’d heard of the initiative . . . The kitchen is kosher, and therefore halal as well, meaning the only thing stopping observant Jews and Muslims is the will to dine together on the hummus with stewed chickpeas and msabaha (warm chickpeas swimming in tahini).”



Although Palestine and Israel have long been divided, they do share a common love for hummus. While hummus may not ever solve world conflicts,  it is still a step in the right direction. Creating a moment of peace and a friendly banter for both parties, even if it only lasts as long as the meal.

To quote Kobi Tzafrir, the Humus Bar’s manager, “If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus.”

Here’s the trailer of Make Hummus Not War below.

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