Real Captain America Rescue Couple from a Burning Car

Off-Duty Soldier Saves Couple Trapped in a Burning Car and Becomes a Real-Life Captain America

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Looks like we’ve found our new Captain America after Chris Evans stepped down from the role. Or, at the very least, we’ve found the real-life version of him!

Steve Voglezon, who was a captain in the army, was in his off-duty hours and was on a date with his girlfriend one Sunday afternoon. They were on their way to a mall and were driving along Chatham County in North Carolina when they came across a scene that disturbed their peaceful date.

A car accident had occurred in the middle of the road when a Chrysler SUV collided head on with an Acura. The occupants of the said Acura were an elderly couple by the names of William and Kate Thompson. Upon collision, both vehicles immediately burst into flames.

What he saw spurred Captain Voglezon into action. He immediately ran to the scene to see what he could do. Police officers were already on the scene and were trying to open the locked doors of the Acura. Acting by instinct, Captain Voglezon grabbed a fire extinguisher and smashed the vehicle’s window. He quickly grabbed William Thompson out of the burning vehicle and took him to the roadside to ensure his safety. He came back immediately afterward for Kathleen, William’s wife, and helped her out of the car as well.

Captain Voglezon’s heroic deed was captured by one John Spurrell, an ordinary citizen who was also heroic himself as he had helped rescue the driver from the burning SUV. Spurrell was all praises for the army captain, who he fully credits for rescuing the old couple.

In a statement he made to the media, Captain Voglezon said, “People do this every day at the fire department. I wasn’t alone out there. There were at least 10 of us in the community working together.” He credited his army training for his quick reaction to the accident.

But here’s a small detail that makes the whole experience even more incredible: at the time of the incident, Captain Voglezon was wearing a red Captain America T-shirt!

Watch the videos of his heroic deed as well as his interviews in the media below.


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