Expectant Mom Shocked to See Rainbow Confetti During Gender Reveal, Caught in Amazement as She Learns Why

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It’s been a long but blissful two years since Chris and Tracy tied the knot, so the couple were very delighted when they found out that they were finally having a child. They got married in August 2013 in an event attended by closest friends and relatives, and in November 2015, more than two years later, the same people gathered for the gender reveal of the pair’s first child.

Unlike the traditional gender reveal, where the expecting parents are the ones surprising their family, in Chris and Tracy’s case, everyone agreed that they were the ones surprising the couple. The plan was to have the couple pop a huge black balloon and see what kind of color the confetti would be, which should’ve been either blue or pink.

But Chris and Tracy were immensely surprised when instead of blue or pink, bits of rainbow-colored paper burst from the balloon. In the video below, confusion was apparent in Tracy’s face, and she looked around, seemingly asking for an explanation. One of her relatives jokingly shouted, “You got a bunch of babies!” before the one holding the camera told the soon-to-be-mom to look inside a box.

Expecting to finally see something blue or pink, they were again bewildered to find rocks instead.

Just as the couple thought everything was going the wrong way, everyone around revealed that the real answer to their question is inside a balloon that had been lying there unnoticed the whole time.

Turned out, Chris and Tracy’s family had everything well thought-out to give the couple a gender reveal party they will never forget.

A video of the precious moment was uploaded on YouTube, and viewers were amazed by the uniqueness of the party. See the amazing video for yourself below.

Watch the video below