German Shepherd Watches Over His Master’s Grave for Six Years

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When Argentinian Manuel Guzman died in 2006, his German shepherd named Capitan ran away and was never seen for days. Manuel’s family thought they will never see the dog again, but during a visit to the cemetery days after the funeral, they were surprised to see the dog lying on his grave.

How Capitan was able to locate his master’s grave, nobody could tell. No one in the family recalls bringing the dog there since. According to the staff at the cemetery, the dog just showed up and began wandering all around the cemetery until he found his master’s grave—all on his own.

Moreover, the staff at the cemetery had observed that the dog stuck to a routine. During the day, he would take a walk around the cemetery, but like a guard on duty, he would rush back to his master’s grave and sleep on it every night. The cemetery director and his staff became accustomed to the dog they began feeding and taking care of him.

Manuel’s family had tried to bring Capitan back home, but the dog seemed to love his new home at the cemetery.

Damian, Manuel’s son and Capitan’s other owner, says he is fine with the dog’s new residence. “If he wants to stay there, it’s fine that he remains; he’s taking care of my dad,” he said.

Check out this dog’s heartwarming story in the video below:

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