A 5-Year-Old Girl With Incurable Disease Chooses Heaven Than Going Back To The Hospital


When someone gets very sick, they often tend to fear dying. They tend to fear what is inevitable, and they end up doing the best they can to avoid that fear. But this five-year-old girl is different from the rest. When she was given a choice, she said that she would rather go to heaven than go back to the hospital.

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At a very young age, Julianna Snow was diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative disease. When she was four years old, her mother, Michelle Moon, asked her a question a young child would never expect to hear. Julianna was asked if she got very sick again, would she want to return to the hospital for more treatments or would she rather stay at home.

According to Moon, Julianna answered without a second’s pause that she would choose to stay at home rather than go to the hospital.


Julianna’s mother asked the question again and added, “Even if that means that you will go to heaven if you stay home?” To which the young child answered firmly “Yes.”

Despite having limited knowledge about heaven, Julianna stands by with her decision. Moon explained to her that going to the hospital would mean that she’ll be able to get better and spend more time with her family. Moon wanted to make sure that Julianna understands the gravity of her decision. The brave kid from Oregon simply answered “I understand.”

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