Girls with Down Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queens



Homecoming is a common tradition in various colleges, universities, and high schools in the United States, in which alumni and students are welcomed back to the school. During this day,  plenty of activities are organized for everyone, which include the Homecoming King and Queen.

For some schools, choosing their Homecoming King and Queen has been extra special, not only because they were able to see again the faces of people who brought pride and glory to their school’s name, but because they’ve chosen individuals, who are worthy to receive honor and praise for accepting who they really are and for being happy and true to themselves. These are the people with down syndrome.

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Jessica Giddens

Jessica Giddens isn’t just an ordinary homecoming queen nominee. Although she doesn’t look like the typical homecoming queen that everyone has in mind; someone skinny, tall, and popular, there is one thing that makes her stand out from the rest. She has down syndrome.

Like the rest of the nominees, Jessica walked confidently over the field. Because she was daddy’s little girl, Retired Col. John Giddens escorted her. When Jessica’s name was pronounced as the winner, the crowd gave loud cheers. She even received a standing ovation.

Surprised, Jessica said, “When they called my name, I said, ‘Oh my god. I just can’t believe it.’ I was like jumping up and down. I feel really good. I was surprised and I was so happy. The best part is being with everybody and being here with my dad. I love him so much.”

Despite her disabilities, Jessica is living happily with her family. And she now enjoys the attention she is getting. In fact, she has never taken her eyes off her crown.

Alyssa Brubeck

Regardless of your disabilities and differences, Jessica’s story serves as an inspiration that you can always reach your dreams. And, Jessica isn’t the only one, who has a beautiful story to tell the world.

In general, the most-coveted crown of homecoming queen is given to the most popular cheerleader of a school. And that’s exactly what happened in Kansas City Park Hill South High School. However, there is one noticeable difference. The chosen homecoming queen has down syndrome.

During the ceremony, 19-year-old Alyssa Brubeck was proclaimed as the 2012 homecoming queen, making her peers and family very proud of her.





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