Drowning Girl Saved By Hero Edward Norton

Hero Cop Saves Drowning Girl from Frigid Waters

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While doing his daily rounds, police officer Edward Norton heard the shouts of people saying, “she’s in the water’.  So, he rushed in to rescue the lady from drowning from the freezing waters of Fort Point Channel on December 24, 2012.

Norton then explained that his immediate instinct was to jump in the cold waters and rescue the unidentified woman, who was already drowning.  He said, “She was in there calling for help and I can swim”.

After jumping, another police officer threw a life vest to Norton. “I was able to hold on to that,” he added. He immediately swum towards the woman, and when he got a hold of her, he didn’t just offer the vest.  Instead, he held her tightly and waited for the fire department to show up and pull both of them out of the water.

Although there were no sufficient details as to why the woman was in the waters, she was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

Hal Munger, who documented the scene, said, “He didn’t hesitate. He took off his belt and jumped into the water, swam over to get her. Another witness said, “Tell you what, that cop was the hero today. Didn’t think twice about it”.

People who saw his act of bravery called him a hero. But, he said that it was all in the day’s work. “If we don’t help, then no one’s going to,” he added.



Watch the police officer Edward Norton’s act of heroism here:

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