Argentinian Surfer Stuns Fans with Selfless Act


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Martin Passeri (left) and Nicolás Gallegos before hitting the waves.

For 5-time Argentinian champion surfer Martín Passeri, scoring the national Argentine Surf Championship is never the ultimate goal in his career. Making someone’s dream come true is.

The surf champ surprised the cheering crown when he made an unexpected and beautiful decision just before he ran into the water for his turn to compete.

Nicolás Gallegos was watching the competition from the beach in his wheelchair when Passeri was competing. It was been a childhood dream to become a surfer. But, an accident left him paralyzed from his waist  down and bound him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. End of his surfing dreams. Twenty years later, his dream will have become a reality.

Martin Passeri (far left) celebrates successful run with Nicolás Gallegos.

Making a life and career-changing decision, Passeri tapped Gallegos on the shoulder and offered him a ride on his board. The surf champ wanted Nicolas to come out with him and ride his first wave. While the world looked on, the surf company Reed captured his amazing and selfless act on camera.


However, Martín Passeri was disqualified from the competition because of his selfless act and as guided by the rules of the event. But when he came back to the beach, what he said was worth being a champion’s victory speech: “I believe that was the best wave, and the biggest triumph of my life.”

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