Entrepreneur Gives Free Pizza to Homeless People

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How far can your $1 go?

For the homeless in Philadelphia, it can mean a lot.


Mason Wartman was a stock researcher on Wall Street who’s living a comfortable existence when he made a leap from his desk job to put up a business of his own, an idea that was conceptualized months before he left his desk job.



His business, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, became a hit in the neighborhood when a man came in one day and pre-ordered three slices of pizza for the next three customers. Wartman immediately got some sticky notes, wrote a message, and stuck it at the back of the register for the next costumer to see. That’s how the ‘pay-it-forward’ program of the pizzeria started.

Since then, homeless people in Philadelphia had headed to Rosa’s at 11p.m. for their free slices of fresh-from-the-oven pizzas. Regardless of whether they can pay or not, the pizza came always free for the next customer.




Soon, Rosa’s wall bloomed with brightly-colored notes encouraging others to do others a good turn. From a single act of kindness shown by one man and promoted by Wartman, the ripple has provided close to 10,000 slices of pizza for needy Philadelphians. 



The pre-purchased slices of pizza now consist 10% of Rosa’s profit. The young entrepreneur had not only left a remarkable impact on the community but has earned himself a ticket to make it to the Ellen Degeneres Show.



Watch this heartwarming video:


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