Baby Named After Fallen Soldier Who Heroically Sacrificed His Own Life to Save Others



All soldiers know what it means to fight for his own country. Although the odds are often in their favor, they still know that there is a chance that they might be killed while serving the country. And, when this horrible incident happens, at least, their loved ones can find comfort in the fact that these brave soldiers were so passionately dedicated to protecting the nation that they are willing to give their own precious lives for the entire nation. Nonetheless, their sacrifices won’t be put to waste, and these heroes will definitely not be forgotten.

One inspiring story is  of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis. At the age of 24, he sacrificed his life by using his body to shield a Polish soldier from the explosion caused by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.



Lt. Karol Cierpica, the Polish soldier, got to witness first hand what it meant to fight with an American soldier. Though Ollis already passed away, the family of Cierpica will be forever grateful.

By the time Michael Cierpica, Karol’s son, was born, he knew that he was around here for one reason only. And that is because of Ollis’ sacrifice. The recently born baby will now carry the American soldier’s name for the rest of his life. He even has a teddy bear made out of the uniform of the fallen hero.

The late soldier’s parents now see the boy as a grandson. They even stay in touch with the Polish family. Aside from that, they also started a foundation to assist all the families of fallen soldiers like theirs.

Even if Ollis will no longer get back to this world, everybody at least knows his spirit, legacy, and name will stay on this planet a little longer.


Watch the tribute to Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis below:



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