Five-Year-Old Recovering Cancer Patient Becomes a Superhero for a Day

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For one day, five-year-old boy Miles Scott, who was recovering from cancer, became a superhero for a day. As San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City, thousands of people flocked to watch the young boy transform to Batkid.

Through the efforts of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles’ dream became a reality. He then helped Batman in his mission to rescue a damsel in distress and capture the Riddler.

Batkid with Batman

Batkid helping Batman


Together, they were cheered by the crowd. Social media even went wild for them, telling everyone to witness the event and follow the duo.

Crowd Cheering Batkid

Batkid saving a woman




Woman thanking Batkid

As Batkid, he rushed to save a lady tied to the San Francisco’s famous tram tracks. Also, he helped catch The Riddler. And at the end of the day, Gotham is saved.

Riddler caught

Riddler caught

Batman and Batkid with Bat mobile

Bat mobile




But, his day didn’t just stop there. Just like Batman, he got to experience riding the Batmobile. He also met a young Robin. The San Francisco Chronicle even printed a special edition for him, with the catching headline, “Batkid Saves City”.

Batkid with Kidrobin

Batkid on the news paper


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