Foal Was Caught in the Middle of a Busy Road …See How He’s Rescued

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Have you ever seen an actual animal rescue? If not, this will certainly leave you

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The story begins with a group of friends, driving down the highway. For them, it was just an ordinary day—a day without any worry.

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All of a sudden, a small creature appeared from a distance. At first, the driver thought it was just an approaching car. But as soon as he got closer, he got a clearer picture of it. It wasn’t a car, but a young foal.

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As the driver neared the poor little guy, he realized how frightened it was. The foal squeaked out, begging for his mother to help him. Unfortunately, she was trapped behind the metal rails of the road, making it hard for her to make any attempt to assist. With cars passing by, the foal became more terrified.

Thankfully, this passer by who was driving with his friends decided to get out of the car and brought the scared foal to safety. Using his strength, he lifted the horse over the barrier. A happy ending for Mom and foal.



Check out these videos below.


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