Pixar Flies to South America with ‘Up’ DVD to Fulfill Dying Girl’s Last Wish

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You must have heard and watched the movie Up, the Pixar-produced film, which talks about widower Carl Fredricksen who tied his home to thousands of balloons to fly up and see the wilds of South America and fulfill his promise to his late wife. This movie’s theme about undying love moved the hearts of many, but a story of a young girl behind it will surely bring everyone to tears.

Clip of the movie UP


Young girl Colby Curtin was ten when Pixar released the teaser for the movie Up. Getting attached to the plot of the film, Colby expressed her desire to watch it for herself. But as her vascular cancer worsened and mae her weaker, it was apparent for her and her family that she was not going to make it till the movie’s release on theaters. When Pixar Studios knew of the girl’s case, they did something very heartwarming.

One of Colby’s friends contacted Pixar to share to them the young gal’s story, and immediately after that, Pixar flew a representative out to Colby’s home with a DVD copy of the movie before it was set to be released to fulfill the dying girl’s last wish.

The family played it before Colby, but she was too weak to open her eyes and watch it. So her mom described it to her scene by scene instead. Pixar’s representative admitted that he went home with teary eyes that day.



Though Colby was not able to see the faces of the characters in the movie, she definitely heard the beauty and the message the film wanted to convey to her—love and life don’t end in death.

Coby was said to have died seven hours after watching Up.

Watch the clips below for more of this story:


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