Heartwarming stories about Celebrities

Heartwarming Stories about Celebrities Fulfilling Dreams

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Opportunities of meeting our favorite celebrities are quite rare. And if one ever does find the way, it would usually take some time and some money on your end to even catch glimpse of them.

Here is list of some of our favorite celebrities who went out of their way to fulfill their fan’s last dying wish and the angels they helped.

Nicki Minaj and Miyah

Five year old cancer patient Miyah’s wish was to get pink wig from the infamous Anaconda singer. And the singer was more than happy to give her that wish. Nicki Minaj then tweeted a photo showing her and Miyah wearing the pink wig.

Nicki Minaj and Miyah

Tupac and Joshua

Rapper and singer Tupac Shakur fulfilled the last dying wish of fan named Joshua whose last dying wish was to personally see the singer. Tupac responded by flying all the way to Baltimore to see Joshua where he then took him out for a basketball game. After Joshua’s death, Tupac renamed his publishing from Ghetto Gospel Music to Joshua’s Dream.

Tupac Shakur

Justin Beiber and Annalysha Brown- Rafanan

Bieber is practically the record holder when it comes to fulfilling wishes. He might just actually be a part time fairy god father. Beiber fulfilled one of his fan’s dying wishes when he went to personally meet with 8 year old Annalysha Brown- Rafanan. This was his 200th wish come true.

Justin Beiber and Annalysha Brown-Rafanan

Lady Gaga and Kayleigh Gurzynski

Last year, Mother Monster fulfilled one fan’s wish by meeting up with her who did not know that she had pulled out of her Chicago show.

Lady Gaga and Kayleigh Gurzynski

Christian Bale and Jayden Barber

Four year old Jayden Barber’s,who is suffering from a rare type of cancer named myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) leukemia, dying wish was to meet Batman in person. His family hired local actors to dress up as Batman and take him for a ride in a Batmobile. Shortly, Bale heard his request and gave the little boy a call and flew his entire family to Disneyland to spend the day with him. Jayden then immediately asked Bale if he could help him “beat up the bad guys.”

The most heartwarming part of the encounter is that shortly after their meeting, they received news that his cancer was into remission. Although he may not be out of the woods yet, Bale had given him the apparent boost to fight his cancer and will hopefully be on his road to recovery.

Christian Bale and Jayden Barber




John Cena and a 10 year old Australian Boy

A 10 year old Australian boy diagnosed with terminal illness had the surprise of his life when his idol WWE superstar John Cena visited him and gave him tickets for the WWE tour that was held in Australia last year. Cena is accounted for a total of more than 400 wishes granted to kids. The WWE star was in fact awarded the Make-A-Wish’s Chris Greicius Celebrity Award in 2009.  His latest wish granting visit was a tea party with a little girl battling a life threatening disease.

John Cena

The Avengers Cast and Stratford Caldecott

Stratford Caldecott, who has been suffering from prostate cancer and only had weeks to live, received his last wish when the whole Avengers cast took photos of themselves showing their support for Strat. Each cast member held up a paper that indicated their superhero counterparts along with the hash tag #CAPFOR STAT.

The Avengers Cast and Stratford Caldecott

Gisele Bundchen and Karina Xavier

Fifteen year old fashion blogger and Karina Xavier is battling bone cancer when Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen not only visited but also helped the young fashion blogger with her website.

Gisele Bundchen and Karina Xavier

Vanessa Hudgens and Lexi D

This High School Musical alum is no stranger when it comes to giving back to fans. She and fellow actress Brittany Snow flew to Las Vegas to visit the little darling who is battling a rare brain abnormality.

Vanessa Hudgens

Beyonce and Taylon Davis

Another celebrity who is known for giving back is none other than the Queen Bey herself. Just last year, she had fulfilled the wish of who was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Taylon Davis got the chance to finally perform with the Queen Bey herself at a show in Las Vegas.

Beyonce and Taylon Davis



Check out these clips of celebrities making a difference in the lives of their sick fans:



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