Actor Jamie Foxx Pulls Driver Away from Burning Car, Saving His Life

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American actor and singer Jamie Foxx pulled a man to safety from a burning car that was severely wrecked, a heroic act that made him the subject of several national and global news.

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The car accident happened in front of Foxx’s home at 8:39 p.m on January 18. The celebrity heard the loud collisions and went outside  his house. After calling the emergency services, he immediately went to action. He feared the car might explode since it was bursting with flames. Foxx unbuckled the man and pulled him 30 feet away from the car.


The driver was identified as Brett Kyle, who is 32 years old and from Newbury Park, California. He was driving fast and hit a drainage pipe, which caused his car to flip a couple of times before being inflamed. It was reported that Kyle was intoxicated while driving.

Brett Kyle suffered from a broken collar bone and a ruptured lung. He was later taken into custody for DUI.


“I’m not a hero but had to do something. Met the father of the young man from last night today. This is all that matters,” Foxx said in an interview.


Kyle’s father is extremely grateful for Jamie Foxx saving his son. Jamie Foxx met the father and shared a long and heartwarming hug.

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