Kind Cop Spotted Giving Shoes to Homeless Man

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It takes a kind man to perform a genuine act of kindness, and another man with a huge social media following to give an inspiring story the attention it deserves.

Cop giving out shoes to homeless man



On September 8, 2014, a cop from the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department halted at a red light, not because he was abiding traffic rules, but he was actually struck by the scene in which a homeless man named Fred was clearing trashes off the highway.

Instead of giving him a ticket, the kind police officer took out a new pair of boots from his trunk and gave it to Fred. Although it was a bit small for him to wear, Fred accepted it because he knew another struggling man in Indianapolis, who could use them.

It so happened that another police officer passed by and witnessed the two men exchanging hands. He immediately snapped a photo of them and shared it on his Instagram and Twitter account. Surprisingly, the photo received thousands of shares and likes from people all over the world.

Despite all the praises for his kind deed, the cop prefers to keep his identity unknown.



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