Man Risks Health to Help the Poor and the Homeless

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Even if his doctors already asked him to stop stressing himself, he still works too hard, barely sleeps, and puts his own health at risk. This stubborn man is Allan Law. And, the reason he does all of these is heartwarming.

Allan is a retired school teacher. Every night, he goes around the streets of Minneapolis to give away sandwiches and some other basic supplies. Obviously, he is very committed to his cause of serving the homeless and the poor. Since last year, it has been estimated that he has handed out more than 520,000 sandwiches on the streets.

Man Risks Health to Help the Poor

Man Risks Health to Help the Poor

Even if his story is so inspiring, it is strange that Allan never wanted recognition nor publicity. He said, “I’ve always been against publicity. I wanted to spend my life helping people without recognition”.

Man Risks Health to Help the Poor



Until now, Allan does not want to stop helping others. He does not wake up to do good. Instead, he stays awake to do good. He explained:

Am I glad I’m working 18 hours a day? No. But when you see a need you do it. It’s a strange life. I realized if I had accepted publicity 40 years ago, we would probably have a facility someplace. But I would never be there. I’d be on the street helping people. My commitment is not to feed people. It’s to change lives.”

Know more about this amazing man from the clips below:

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