This Man Would Not be Alive Today if it Wasn’t For His Brave Sons …Watch The Story Unfold

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Thanks to his three sons, a man from Oklahoma is still alive after drowning.

37-year-old Michael Buckingham was just spending the rest of his afternoon in the pool of his neighbor, when a child jumped in and landed on top of him.

“As soon as it hit me, it paralyzed my entire body, my eyes were functioning, but nothing else was working,” he told reporters.

He then sank to the deepest end of the pool. It took six to eight minutes for someone to realize there was something wrong. Braden, Michael’s son, said, “He wouldn’t just go under water and put his head on the floor. Unless he was trying to do a breathing thing. He wouldn’t scare us that he was dying”.

Quickly, Braden and Bryson, his brother, grabbed their father’s hand and pulled him out onto the sun deck. Beckett, their little brother, got a raft. Braden explained, “We just tried to get help”.  Medics from the hospital said Michael was one more gulp of water away from dying.

While Michael spent a couple of days in the intensive care unit, his family friends launched a Facebook page called, “Prayers for Buck”.

As of now, he is still recovering.

Michael said, “There is power in prayer. Now, it’s 105,110 – thousand people who have prayed for me. It’s a miracle”.

This father of three acquired a pinched nerve on his neck. Nevertheless, he is making a full recovery. He is just very grateful to the paramedics, who took care of him, and his boys, whom he calls “superheroes”.

EMSA gave the three boys “Everyday Hero” medals.

“I feel like the richest man on Earth, I do, and it has nothing to do with money. I feel like I’ve understood love now,” Michael told News 9.


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