Mom Meets Woman Who Received Her Late Son’s Kidney – By Accident


It was a dark and foggy night, and Tyson Schreiber was driving alone when his car suddenly strayed and he was hurled out from his seat. Twelve hours later, he was declared dead.

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The tragedy left Tyson’s family brokenhearted. Though it’s hard, his mother, Julie, and sister Whitney had no choice but to say good-bye to the 19-year old, who was well-liked by the member of his community.  There’s nothing more painful than losing someone you love and knowing he won’t be back. All that’s left is his bittersweet memory.  But maybe, this rare circumstance has given them a little comfort.


Tyson may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.  After he died, he donated his organs.  One of the beneficiaries, Laura Ericks, was told by her doctors that she wouldn’t live past 40, but thanks to Tyson’s pancreas and kidney, Laura got another lease of life. She’s now 45.

On Tyson’s anniversary, Julie and Whitney went to visit his grave.  On the other hand, Laura and her husband, who happened to be in the same area vacationing, were looking for Tyson’s grave to pay respect.  As Laura was nearing the site, she saw Tyson’s family.  After Julie learned who the woman was, they embraced each other.

A few days later, Julie came back to the site and found words written on his cross that warmed her heart.


“My hero. Thank you for the gift of life. —Laura,” the note said. So simple yet so touching.  To Tyson’s loved ones, it’s the best way to remember him, as a hero.

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