Off-Duty Officer Risks Life to Save Man from Burning Car Following Gas Station Crash


An off-duty cop was hailed a hero after rescuing an elderly man from what could have been his terrible end.

Surveillance video was able to capture the moment John A. Vescio, a New York City state trooper and senior state police investigator, heroically pulled out the man behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a gas pump in While Plains, New York.

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According to news reports, the elderly man behind the wheel went into sudden diabetic shock and lost control immediately. The impact was so strong that Vescio’s first instinct was to run away from the situation. But as he realized that the driver was in great danger, he immediately sprung into action.

The footage shows Vescio rushing back to pull the man out before the fire began to spread. “It happened so quick,” Vescio told the Journal News. “It was hard to think. I pretty much just reacted.”

Both Vescio and the driver escaped with minor injuries.

When asked what being a hero felt like, Vescio had this humble answer: “I just feel like me, I get up every day and just do the right thing.”

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