Real Life Hero: Batman Was Pulled Over In Maryland

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On March 21, authorities in Silver Spring, Maryland caught Batman on Route 29, outside Washington D.C. The troopers noticed that the Batmobile didn’t have any numbers on his licence plate, only the Bat symbol.


“It’s a black Lamborghini and a driver dressed as Batman,” the police officer is heard over the radio. “You can send me Robin if you wish.” (We couldn’t help, but Laugh Out Loud with this)

The dashcam from the police car video quickly went viral on the internet, and the world wide webs effort to find out who the man behind the mask was became intense.

The Washington Post was the first of many media outlets to unveil the Cape Crusader’s true identity and introduce him to the world as a cover story. Unfortunately it wasn’t Bruce Wayne underneath the mask, it was a man named Lenny B. Robinson, a 48-year-old father of 3 children who lives in Maryland.

Lenny fell in love with the idea of becoming Batman about 12 years ago when his oldest son, Brandon, developed a slight obsession with the Marvel character. He started to take a liking to the comic book star because all the things that Batman COULDN’T do.

“He’s a superhero, but he doesn’t have any superpowers,” Robinson told us. “We all can be Batman.”

Robinson founded a cleaning business about 10 years ago and decided to sell it to start his dream of becoming a real life Batman. He spent roughly $5,000 on his hand-made Bat Suit, which weighs 35 pounds and has turned his home into a real life replica of the Bat Cave.

Robinson says it takes him about 45 minutes to transform into Batman.



Once he’s fully in his suit, he says he sweats out about 5 pounds of water weight  and using a restroom is completely out of the question. However, all of the dressing up and sweating is worth it because he doesn’t do it just as a hobby. Robinson dresses up and jumps into his $250,000 Lambo to brighten up the day of sick children at the local kids hospital. He was on his way to the hospital when he was pulled over.

“When I put the suit on and I quote unquote become Batman, I think I am Batman,” Robinson tells us. The police did not give him a ticket for his Batman act.

News outlets rode with Robinson to the hospital, where he surprised children and handed out gifts – Batman paraphernalia.

“Think about that every day — getting better,” he preached to the kids. “You are the real superheroes.”

But, even though Robinson’s costume makes him a superhero on the outside, it still doesn’t make him a superhero on the inside.

“I saw the kids in there, and my heart’s breaking,” Robinson told us. “On the inside I’m crying like a little baby.”

Robinson’s main goal now is helping people, but being able to do it as “Batman” has also helped him.

“You wouldn’t have liked me,” he told us. “I consider myself back then a little on the obnoxious side.”

Now, Robinson stays focused on making other people happy first, then his family, then himself.  That is the trait of a superhero, if we have anything to say in this.




Check out the video of Batman being pulled over below:


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