How Sako the Dog Saved His Injured Owner

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Dogs have been one of most loyal and brave companions of man. Just like their fictional counterparts such as Lassie, dogs have been known for doing something remarkable like saving their owners from certain dangers. There was a dog that saved its owner from drowning, and another one ran into a burning house to rescue its family.

As a response to the heroic actions of dogs and other pets, Purina, a giant pet food manufacturer, created Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame. In 2015, the latest inductee of the Hall of Fame is Sako.

Sako is a 4-year-old king shepherd who guarded his owner for 40 hours in a forest in British Colombia, Canada. The dog kept away dangerous animals such as bears and wolves from his injured owner until rescuers found them.

See the amazing story of Sako in the video below.

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