This Girl With Down Syndrome Saved Her Baby Sister From Drowning …She is a Hero!

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A girl from Michigan was hailed a hero after saving her three-year-old sister from drowning in the pool.

Twelve-year-old Carin Richardson was swimming with her family in their backyard pool in Mundy Township, Michigan. When everybody decided to go inside, it was then when she discovered her three-year-old sister Jac’Lynn had already fallen into the pool.

Tomarra Richardson, the siblings’ mother, said, “Jac’Lynn got out and followed behind and attempted to get in her swim tube in the pool and went through to the bottom”.

Luckily, Carin was there and she immediately went after her younger sister.

“Without panic or fear, Carin grabbed her goggles, got in the water and pulled her sister out of the pool and into the house,” the mother recalled.

The incident caused the young girl to cough up pool water. So, Krystal Bishop immediately called emergency services. Jac’Lynn was then rushed to the hospital.

Tomarra said, “She was our hero. She saved her sister’s life”.

Considering the fact that Carin has Down Syndrome, the Richardson family thought the incident was a miracle. “People with Down’s, I mean, they’re not always the fastest reactors,” explained Tomarra.

“Carin definitely reacted really fast. I mean, she wasn’t really scared at all,” she added.

According to Carin, during the incident, she didn’t really feel scared. She is just thankful that her sister is still alive.

In order to prevent future accidents, the family added more locks to the pool. They also installed some alarms at the front and back doors.

Watch how Carin saved her baby sister below

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