See How This 4-Year-Old Survived While His Mother Had Passed On


A 4-year-old boy from Buffalo, NY, managed to survive two days on his own after his mother tragically passed away in their apartment. As fate would have it, he was discovered by someone who coincidentally made a visit to his home.



Taijuan Littleton, a Rent-a-Center employee, made an appointment with the boy’s mother, Shaleena Hamilton, who happened to be a longtime customer. Littleton made several knocks but Shaleena never came to the door. After a while, he saw Bryan Allen greet him instead. The little boy said that he couldn’t wake up his mother.



Littleton, who is a father of three himself, took Bryan Allen with him after notifying authorities of the incident. According to police reports, the boy drank milk and maple syrup for his two-day ordeal. He is now under the supervision of his relatives.

Littleton was hailed a hero, but he humbly said that it was something anyone could do.  He said to WIVB, “I believe God, the Lord put me there for a reason. Right time, right moment.”



Bryan Allen was discharged of the hospital after being cleared of any health concerns.

This traumatizing event could scar his life, especially since it happened so close to Christmas, but people from the community are uniting to help the little boy. Now an outpour of Christmas presents and well wishes from family friends and strangers are coming his way.

“This is about trying to make a nice Christmas for this boy,” Community Police Lt. Steve Nichols said in an interview with Buffalo News.

The police also sought ways not just to keep Bryan Allen’s mind away from what happened, but to give him hope that there will always be help when he asks for it.



Watch a video right here.

Here’s Taijuan Littleton being honored for saving Bryan Allen.


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