Selfless Woman Gives Out Free Food to the Homeless Everyday

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It’s not every day when you see people perform random good deeds. Although plenty individuals do these sorts of acts, they often go unnoticed.

However, the old lady in the picture below didn’t escape the eyes of passers-by. She sets up a stall on the sidewalk every day, where she offers free food, such as vegetable soup and corn bread, not only to feed those who are homeless and hungry, but for everyone.

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A woman named Tammy Beasley snapped a photo of her doing such act and shared it on social media. She captioned it with, “This sweet little old lady puts out food everyday to feed those that are hungry. Things like this show me there are people out there that still have hearts and that my friends, give me hope”.

Even if the lady in the picture remains unidentified, her simple act of kindness has not just filled in hundreds of hungry stomachs, but inspired millions of people in the world to do good to others as well.

These images will make your heart grow 10x! Let’s all start doing our part in making our world a little bit more loving:

Giving food to homeless

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