Weaponless Shopkeeper Makes Homemade Flamethrower to Ward Off Armed Robbers


Dan Rigney thought it would just be an ordinary day when he opened his shop on Saturday, January 30, 2016, but when armed robbers stormed in, the shopkeeper was suddenly greeted by a dangerous dilemma.

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It was 6:30 a.m. when Rigney was confronted by two armed thugs inside his store in Queensland, Australia. The quick-thinking shop owner had nothing to use against the trespassers so he grabbed the nearest thing he spotted—a fly spray and a cigarette lighter. With the flame from the lighter and the chemicals contained in the spray, Rigney was able to make a makeshift flamethrower.


The blast knocked down one of the robbers, making him drop his rifle. But even with Rigney’s bravery and sharp mind, the money-hungry scoundrels managed to get back on their feet and pointed a gun at him. They were able to snatch $680 from the shopkeeper.


Apparently, this was not Rigney’s first brush with robbers. The first time he chased down a thief and had the police arrest the man.

“I wouldn’t cross him again, that’s for sure,” Patron Kylie Kidman told 9News.


The suspects in the video remain at large.

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