Soldiers Returning From War and Surprising Their Loved Ones


Homecomings are one of the most celebrated moments in a person’s life. These are the times when families or friends, who have been separated by miles or call of duty, are reunited. Perhaps among the most touching reunions that have invaded the public eye are those of soldiers coming home overseas.

And, it sure is not hard to know why such videos are quite heartwarming. With their lives constantly on the line, their unexpected return home are always among the most joyous moments for their loved ones. Here are just some of these beautiful reunions caught on tape.

1. Soldier Surprises Son at School

2. A Birthday Surprise for Dad

3. A Different Wake Up Call


4. A Sweet Reunion


5. Mom’s Early Homecoming Present


 6. Santa, is that really you?

 7. A Perfect Way to Top Off a Graduation Ceremony

8. Welcoming Daddy Home


9. Siblings Reunited


10. A Sweet Proposal

Tell us which one is your favorite?

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