Strangers Lock Arm and Arm to Pull Driver Out of Car Dangling Off a Steep Cliff


In today’s standards, we mostly see humans as these intelligent yet divided species. We’re usually fighting each other, creating wars, and discriminating people. However, in the random moments that we unite, our good hearts always shine.

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A truck driver was caught in a dangerous situation after he lost control and took out half a mile of guardrail on the icy road of Pennsylvania highway. The driver’s part of the vehicle was dangling down toward a very steep drop, putting his life at risk.


In an effort to save the driver, a group of strangers made a “human chain” and pulled the driver back to safety.

In an interview with Pittsburgh-based channel WTAE, Arlyn Satanek, one of the rescuers, shared that he saw the driver wasn’t moving well in his dangling cab. He rushed to the cliff to help the man, and he was followed by other motorists and they locked arm and arm to save the man’s life.

Satanek said, “Everyone knew in that moment, we just gotta reach him. Let’s just join together.. . . It was awesome.”

Satanek do not personally know the men who helped him save the man, but he’s happy to have witnessed and been part of an inspiring moment. He noted, “I don’t know any of their names, what their faces looked like. I can only say they made a terrible situation a little bit better by helping someone out that was really in need.”

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