This Dog’s Journey of Mending People’s Hearts is Incredible- You Have to See This

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From the moment she was born, Ricochet already had a mission in her hands. When she was born into the “Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning Program”, the adorable puppy already had a goal to become a service dog for persons with disabilities.


Ricochet advanced through her training with relative ease due to her remarkable intelligence.


However, despite her flair for the training, they decided to remove her from the program due to her weakness… she loved chasing birds. Her passion for playing tag with birds was deemed to only cause an unprecedented risk to a person with disability.

So, what now? What does a dog do when they’re considered unable to complete a mission they had since birth?

Find a NEW mission of course.


They discovered that Ricochet had a natural talent for making heart-to-heart connections with those she met and that she could surf.

So, she became Surf Dog Ricochet – the only SURFice dog on the planet that gives therapy, interaction, and assistance. And, on top of that, she surfs with kids who have special needs, people with disabilities, veterans with PTSD, and wounded warriors. Her previous mission of helping a single person was now a mission to help millions.



Her owner reveals that she balances lives and boards.

“She intuitively and emphatically alerts to their emotional and physical needs which allows for profound paws-on healing interventions”, and this makes her special.


In the photo above, Sabine, who was born without both arms, is seen surfing with Ricochet.



Ricochet continues to live a lifestyle of aiding others by “pawing it forward”, while increasing funds and awareness for human animal causes. So far, she almost has $400,000 for the cause. Because of everything she has done, Ricochet earned the ASPCA Dog of the Year award and is the American Humane Association hero dog. She is a certified, registered, and AKC-titled therapy dog as well. She’s also an author, a model, celebrity, as well as an actor.



Learn more about Ricochet in the following videos:


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