What This White Arkansas Police Officer Did in a Largely Black Community is Beyond Amazing



Tommy Norman is the ideal police officer.

He was just a normal police officer until rapper Michael ‘Killer Mike’ Render found out about his simple acts of kindness on Instagram. Countless photos and videos of him reaching out to the local community went viral. Norman is based in North Little Rock Police Department in Arkansas and happily snaps photos with the locals that he then uploads.

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The photo below says it all:

Norman has been in the police force for 17 years and ever since he started his noble duty in 1998, he has already made a couple of accomplishments due to his outstanding service to the community that exceeded expectations.

He received a national recognition award for his commendable commitment in 2011. Norman also won the top prize in a competition backed by the show America’s Most Wanted (now-defunct). He also participates as a volunteer on reach-out programs for which he receives constant and numerous commendations for his honorable acts.

Looking at his social media accounts, you can see thousands of likes, a couple thousand more tweets about him and uncountable shares. Norman has broke down not only barrier,s but also stereotypes, which in return showered him with unbreakable relationships. He loves his community altruistically and the community reciprocates his admiration with something more.

North Little Rock is not as safe as it seems. Reports claim that the city’s crime rate was relatively higher than any other U.S. cities .

African-Americans mostly occupy the city and while Norman is undeniably white, that didn’t stop him from earning the trust of the community and that in itself is already a tremendous achievement. In contrast to the dark reputation of the police, he stands on a well-lit pedestal.

There was an incident where a murder suspect surrendered to him peacefully in 2001 due to his reputation as a compassionate police office. That is a miracle made possible by Norman’s constant interaction with the locals. His unrivaled dedication changed not only his life as an officer, but also the people around him.

Seeing things like these is really heartwarming. To be able to replicate the same scenario, one must do what Norman did – penetrate deep into the communities’ hearts. If you think about the possibility of this happening all around the country, U.S. would be a much better place.

Watch his videos below:


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