Woman Finds her Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Steals it Back!

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A woman from Vancouver is being hailed a hero after she took the law and matters into her own hands when a crook stole her bicycle and then tried to resell it online.

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Girl Finds Her Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Gets It Back By Being Amazing

The young lady, whose name has since been redacted from all media reports of the ordeal, noticed her bike was missing from her very own front yard.

The very next day, one of her personal friends found an ad on Craigslist for what looked like the stolen item. The woman did some quick thinking and decided to act on impulse. She made arrangements to meet the seller of the bike (and quite possibly the thief) in the parking lot of a McDonald’s. She explained the events of what happened:

I asked the guy if I could take it for a ride around the parking lot. He was weary and said “yeah but don’t take off…” I said not to worry that I would even think of it! My heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do so I just got on the bike and was like f–k this guy and started to ride. As I was riding away, I called my friend who was driving to meet me as backup. I rode to the adjacent parking lot where she was pulling into as I was riding. We watched the guy start to look for me and he got super freaked out and he suddenly just took off running.

The woman received some negativity comments from people on Facebook for taking matters into her own hands and not immediately calling the police to help aid her in her search. However, she told us that the police weren’t very willing to help her once she got her bike back and wanted to press charges against the man who stole it and then tried to sell it. She said:

Immediately I called the police again and told them the information I received from my friend. The lady told me that someone would call me back and it might not be today. THIS GUY IS SELLING MY BIKE RIGHT NOW!!! I am not missing this opportunity waiting for a call. So I jump into action.

This type of vigilante justice has maybe been started by a woman from Boulder, Colo.,Kathryn Lucas in 2011. Different news outlets have reported at the time that Kathryn, just like the Canadian woman, located her stolen bike on Craigslist, arranged a time and place to meet the seller, asked to take the bike for a test drive and just never returned.

“I started riding it and I knew it was my bike, so I just kept riding it,” Lucas told us.

Regardless of whether they called the police or not, we are happy to hear that both woman got their belongings back and no one got hurt! You go girls.

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